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Our Services


Having a strong property management company as your everyday partner means having an expert in many distinct areas such as: organization, communication, technology, financial savvy, standard operating procedures, and responsiveness. We bring ALL those to the 3 most important areas of our service.

Administrative Services

  • Weekly Property Visits & Management Reports – Common area inspections on a weekly basis, with management reports detailing all the months activities and important info.

  • Board & Committee Meeting Preparation – Assistance with preparing meeting notices, Board meeting minutes, agendas, and posting notices.  All items performed as outlined in the Florida Statutes.

  • Enforcement of Governing Documents – Weekly monitoring of violations throughout the community by using a fair and partial process based on the governing documents. Providing input on changes or alteration of regulations or the interpretation of rules. Violations are able to be uploaded in Mobile app.

  • Architectural Modifications – Maintaining the integrity of overall community appearance and the architectural modification process by adhering to standards set by the governing documents.

  • Vendor Services & Contracts – A procurement process and vendor service oversight that starts with negotiating and managing annual contracts and ongoing evaluation of work performance, process controls and monthly meetings. Facilitating scope of work for projects, gathering bids and proposals for the board, and managing all contracts is paramount for each vendor.


Property Maintenance Services

  • Common Area Maintenance – Our maintenance personnel are reliable and well versed in many areas of property maintenance.  Your common areas are the key to improving property value and curb appeal and it all starts with the right people doing the right job for you. From touch up painting to pressure cleaning to making repairs throughout the property; we give you piece of mind.

  • Cleaning and Janitorial – To ensure that your community looks it finest, we have on-site staff capable of cleaning restrooms, lobby areas, clubhouses, function/meeting rooms, fitness centers, laundry rooms, outdoor walkways and other common area facilities.

  • Preventative Maintenance – The most efficient way to save future repair costs and reserve item spending is to maintain and service the existing common space with the utmost attention to detail and care.  Proactive maintenance programs will help you avoid unnecessary expense tomorrow.

  • Work Orders– Offering a work order program with a wide range of services allowing us to fulfill many of your needs.  We use trained employees, or licensed contractors for larger jobs, and will make the process simple and easy with a click of a button or one phone call. Work orders are also able to be recorded and assigned using our Mobile app for better tracking.

Financial & Budgeting Services

  • Managing your Budget – The crux of every good management company is the ability to manage your expenses well. Preparing a budget requires understanding of day-to-day needs and the ability to forsee future needs that arise. Budget preparation involves input from management and the Board so that the Association’s annual budget meeting becomes seamless.

  • Financial Analysis – Analysis of the profit and loss statement with accurate variance reports is the most effective way to manage the budget and provide the Board a monthly financial snapshot of your Association.  Accurate reports every month are the key to a healthy financial process and management should be sharing the trends for effective future planning.

  • Accounts receivable – Timely collection of assessments and assisting the Association with all delinquency matters. Working in concert with the Association attorney to ensure proper payment.

  • Preparation of Annual Audit – Recommending and working with a CPA firm to properly prepare for an annual audit, review or compilation of the Association’s returns and tax filing.


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